CSR racing 2 hack

CSR racing 2 cheats

The first game of the series CSR Racing was launched in 2012 for all the platforms including Android, iOS, Windows and OS X.  It is a free playing drag racing game where the player has to make his own name among five different existing crews in a deserted fictional city. The sequel to the game available on the iOS and the Android platforms is the CSR racing 2 and was released in the year 2016.

CSR racing 2 hack

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CSR racing 2 hack

If you are not ready to spend more time racing or leaving things to chance and if you don’t want to spend real money in getting the gaming currency, the gold coins, then your best bet is to use a CSR 2 racing hack tool. There are many available online and you would have to choose wisely on the right one. Once you have chosen a tool, you just have to input your game name and input the number of cash and coins that you need. Voila! Your account will get credited with what you have asked for immediately.

Given that the game is of a bigger budget, the CSR racing 2 hack gives you,

  1. Unlimited cash and gold to surge forward.
  2. Verified and updated every day.
  3. Anti ban protection and complete safety of your information guaranteed.
  4. Works on both iOS and Android.

Start racing now!

Gaming plot

Game is available in both single player and multiple player version.

Single player version: There are multiple tiers (5 in the first single player version), with each tier comprising of faster vehicles and much faster opposition team. But to move to the next tier the player has to compete in races and win over the crew boss in that level. Once the player has managed to defeat the crew boss at every tier, there will rematches of high stakes announced. There is gold to be won in each race and when the player manages to defeat the crew boss, he/ she is given the car of the crew boss. On the other hand, when the player loses, he/ she has to hand over the gold they won in their previous race.

Multiple player version: This is very similar to the single player except that there is a chance to compete against real time players. And a win in the first three spots can get you a card that can further help you to refuel, give you cash, gold and even car parts. These car parts can be used to complete a car.

There are multiple events and races to participate in and there are three difficulty levels also to choose from viz., Rookie, Pro and Amateur. There are also regulation races, ladder races, restriction races and daily battles, challenge races, crew specific battles and much more. While winning these matches can earn you the gold coins, which can further be exchanged to get a better car or to improve your stats, there is a better and an easier way to make gold.

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