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InnoGames is the developer and publisher of this strategy browser based game called Forge of Empires. The game works on both iOS and Android platforms along with browsers. If you have played Clash of Clans or SimCity then you would find this game to be more familiar. For those who are not aware, then this is a game of citybuilding, protecting your city, etc.

Forge of Empires hack

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How to use Forge of Empires hack?

There are many Forge of Empires hack tool available online. All you need to do is click on the Start hack button in the website and you will be asked to input your game username. Once you have given the id, you can select the number of resources that you want, the number of coins and the number of diamonds, etc.  Just click on the generate button and you will be able to get all the resources credited to your game account.

Features of Forge of Empires hack

There are many features that make the Forge of Empires hack a better option to get your account credited with the necessary resources. Some of the key benefits include,

  1. Unlimited coins and diamonds and other supplies to keep you going forward in the game.
  2. It is completely safe and 100% tested.
  3. It is proxy protected and there is no fear of ban.
  4. The interface is friendly and simple to use for anyone.

Start building your empire now!

Game play

The game starts off in the stone age and ends in the Arctic Future. The player has to start building a city and keep expanding it while keeping it well defended and the citizens well fed. The players have to build a city on a city map and as they progress through different ages, they will be able to build new buildings and expand further on the map. There is also a time restriction within which the players have to unlock the new buildings. There is a battle ground, a map of the continent showing the different provinces which the player can try conquering. Download the FOE game here on google play at Apart from different buildings with each stage, the player will also have access to various technologies and different army regiments.

Why do you need coins?

Coins are the major gaming currency in the game which along with the tools will help the player to unlock the different buildings, decorations and other options. Every building that the player wants to build will need certain amount of coins and supplies. The other option to move forward or buy new buildings is to use the diamonds or the technological advances available to you in exchange for new buildings. While coins and other supplies can be gained by finishing certain tasks or by increasing supplies, one can also use real time cash and buy the coins or diamonds or supplies from the InnoGames app store.

But if you don’t want to spend time and effort in making the additional coins, you can always opt to explore the Forge of Empires hack.

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