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I downloaded the app because of the £88 freeplay offer. I played with and lost £ of that and decided to withdraw the remaining £ I joined today after reading the previous review which seemed to indicate a favourable resolution to the customers original complaint. I was surprised to note that I was not given the promised and advertised £88 but was instead asked to make a deposit. I did so and the minimum I was able to deposit was £ I then won around £ and played on until my total winnings were just below £ and decided to withdraw my winnings. I was not able to do so as it just kept taking me to a page that stated there were technical issues with the website. I have also submitted a request via the app for my winnings to be paid out. At this point I am wondering if this is all a scam and if so, I will be reporting via a number of social media platforms and indeed with Apple.


There has been countless emails between them and i and basically they say too bad read the fine print. It very much takes me försvarare to the days when I was running gaming venues and nobody cared how much you spent or how it was going to effect their lives. Just grab everything you can!! The 5,, bonus for when you level up has totally disappeared. Where to start.

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It never really lets you play åkte very long. And then as soon as you have no coins they bring out new missions and tasks and you have no coins to play them with I do kärlek the missions and tasks though, this is probably one of the better slot Apps out there

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Inom think with the amount of money that I have given to Slotomania. You need gold and ace cards to complete albums but they are too greedy to give you the one and only card ace or gold card to complete the album so it saves them having to give you the coins for completing albums. Customer support team are ridiculous. If you ever play this lek never buy a purchase, they always flash up on the screen a dozen times more a less forcing people to buy purchases. I would totally recommend to download epic slots or Vegas slots you can buy a package to get £, coins for £1. Svar från utvecklarenHello Garytia, we appreciate the time you took to help us improve.

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